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Hazardous waste disposal
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Most hazardous materials spills or releases require some degree of site remediation, whether it be the minimal application and disposal of absorbents or major excavation and soil removal or on-going remedial efforts.


First Strike Environmental Co (FSE) will provide certified and experienced supervisory personnel and remediation specialists with the most current training and the most appropriate equipment to get the job done right the first time. In every case, the most cost-effective disposal method will be used to ensure the client's liability is kept to an absolute minimum. Speak with our knowledgeable staff to know the cost-effective method that is most appropriate for you.


The nature of the contaminant will often dictate disposal requirements. A FSE Project Manager will evaluate the waste stream profile using any or all of the following:


Having the right professional-grade absorbents on hand for initial containment in the event of an accidental hazardous materials spill can mean the difference between a cost-saving quick response and a costly, time-consuming remediation project.


FSE is an authorized supplier of nationally distributed absorbent products such as granular particulates which absorb hydrocarbons, general purpose particulates which absorb all liquids, and absorbent pads, booms and socks suited to meet all contingencies. FSE also supplies a wide variety of steel and poly overpack drums and drum liners. Whatever the need or size of the job, FSE provides the highest quality containment products. A price list is available by calling 800-447-3558.

  • Drilling of sampling wells

  • Placing of underground monitoring equipment in the case of major ground water contamination

  • Ground water flow and containment transport modeling may be required in order to calculate the behavior of contaminants in the subsurface

No matter the size, location or extent of the contamination, FSE gets the job done right the

first time.